Born and raised north of Stockholm, Sofia left her native Sweden 3 days after graduation. She landed in England and started to pave her somewhat winding road towards becoming an interior stylist. Studies in interior decoration in the UK made her realize she had her heart in Scandinavian aestethics, and she changed her site of education to one based in Denmark.

Almost a decade after leaving Sweden she was ready to move back. Initially she worked with project management at renowned design and advertising agencies.Being part of that side of commissioned work has broadened her vision and understanding when turning to being a creative. Starting off assisting, Sofia’s talent and focus led to her gaining clients and assignments of her own. And here we are – back with what has always been her main source of creative happiness – interior and set styling. Sofia is an avid team player, with a love for harmony in the details. Always present is sustainability and to create with personality, rather than trends, in mind.