Linda grew up in the Stockholm Archipelago. Spending her defining years surrounded by nature and the open sea made a great impression. It is and has always been a source of inspiration and sense of home to return to again and again. 

Creativity has also been a strong force in her life, and she has never really considered taking another path in her professional life than visual communication. 

At first, she turned towards photography, taking her first steps within the field as early as thirteen. With her mind set on becoming a photographer she moved on to well renowned photo school Riddarfjärdsskolan and Berghs where she studied Brand and Business strategy. 

Slowly realizing that building and composing what was in front of the camera attracted her more than equipment and lighting, she expanded into styling and creative direction. For the last decade this is where her focus has been, and where she feels truly at home and happy.

Linda finds inspiration and uses impressions found in everything around her – flowers, her archipelago roots, flea markets, new and classic art – but mainly in creative people and collaborations.