Ola Bergengren is recognized world wide for his imagery. As a young aspiring photographer in London in the mid 90’s, he decided to make a try at the genre of Still Life. No one around him really seemed to think highly of Still Life Photography, so he saw his chance to break new grounds. He approached the genre with no respect towards the traditional studio set ups, shooting high fashion objects paired with unexpected items from everyday life. His photos where unapologetic and often had an absurd or erotic undertone. Lighting and retouching was never overworked.

Amongst his first commissions were editorials for i-D, The Face and Dazed & Confused who all encouraged his artistic freedom and gave him the means to develop his visual language. Ola’s photography instantly received great appreciation and gained him a successful career. Since some time back, his focus is now mainly on editorial and art photograhy side by side with commissions for established cultural institutions. Ola has been noticed in a number of solo and group exhibitions.