Linda has always been drawing inspiration from her surroundings. As a kid she found it in the lush nature where she grew up, as a teen it was fashion magazines, MTV and movies that made her heart tick. Her gardener grandfather’s free and creative living also made a great impression on her. 

Young Linda built a DIY darkroom and photographed everything she saw with a compact camera. Following some years experimenting on her own, she took a class in photography school and then landed assisting positions with photographers that became her mentors. Assisting took her around the world, giving her all the experience she needed to start her own career. Her images are telling stories, almost cinematic in a sense, and have made her a top name in the business.

These days she draws energy and inspiration from other photographers, her family’s countryside house, meeting new people and the teamwork a production comes with – large or small! Shooting on film, digital or moving images – Linda’s ever present desire to evolve technically and artistically keeps her creative flame burning.